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Though true over the board, a successful translation, particularly of marketing material, must not read as a translation. It must have the natural flow of the target language and be culturally appropriate.

As various modes of information exchange diversify, corporations use more and more multimedia to attract clients, conduct presentations, and communicate ideas. Having an accurate translation of multimedia allows for top-tier promotion of your brand. At, we pay close attention to detail when translating multimedia, to ensure an accurate translation that can perfectly convey meaning.


We also provide translation of training and educational videos for human resources, multilingual narration directly into Powerpoint presentations.

Some of the multimedia we work with includes:

  • Voice-overs

  • Sub-titling

  • Audio recording of scripts

  • Multilingual desktop publishing of newsletters, brochures

  • Multilingual websites & email campaigns

  • Localized search engine keywords

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Conference Interpreting Services
Simultaneous & consecutive

Simultaneous interpreters for meetings and conferences including translation equipment -- booths, consoles, transmitters and wireless receivers.

Business across language barriers
document translation & cultural workshops

Removing language barriers for businesses reaching across linguistic communities and national borders. Reliable business translation of manuals, documents, contracts, and communications.

Health Industry & Medical Research 
Forward and back translations

Translation of documents including medical reports, informed consent, hospital discharge instructions, medical devices and health care information.

Translations.Boston, Inc. serves a wide range of industries providing professional translation services and other technical support related to language and communication.

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Tel:  857-348-6067

361 Newbury Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02115
(Visits by appointment ONLY)


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