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Scientific and technical translations must be clear and concise, conveying exact meaning of the source document which demands that the translators be knowledgeable and experts in technical and scientific fields.

Scientific texts including research papers in technical fields require knowledgeable translators. At technical translators familiarize themselves with the subject matter, do research including back and forth with the authors where applicable, understand the concepts embodied in the text.


We make sure the articles and papers are translated accurately by our technical translators who offer experience in the industry coupled with degrees in higher education in the respective fields.

Some of the translation types in this field include:

  • Research papers for journals

  • Abstracts and theses

  • Software/hardware documentation

  • Patents

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Conference Interpreting Services
Simultaneous & consecutive

Simultaneous interpreters for meetings and conferences including translation equipment -- booths, consoles, transmitters and wireless receivers.

Business across language barriers
document translation & cultural workshops

Removing language barriers for businesses reaching across linguistic communities and national borders. Reliable business translation of manuals, documents, contracts, and communications.

Health Industry & Medical Research 
Forward and back translations

Translation of documents including medical reports, informed consent, hospital discharge instructions, medical devices and health care information.

Translations.Boston, Inc. serves a wide range of industries providing professional translation services and other technical support related to language and communication.

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