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Translation of business documents is not as simple as it sounds. Cultural etiquette, deadlines and confidentiality add to the sensitivity. Legal documents require understanding of legalese to render a meaningful translation. 

As more business is conducted between global economies, more corporations are starting to conduct business across borders. Here, the effect of having the aid of an accurate and consistent translation service can mean the difference between closing deals. Service such as can elevate your business to the next level with accuracy, speed and confidentiality.

Concerns related to the confidentiality of business translation needs are important to us here at The process of translation and editing of materials is closely regulated to provide the utmost assurance of confidentiality to the client. Our team of translators are experienced in handling classified material and give it the attention it needs.


Some of the business and legal documents we translate include:

  • Business proposals and contracts

  • Websites and global content

  • Employee manuals

  • HR documents

  • Certified, notarized translation of documents for submission to government and non-government agencies

  • Legal documents, judgements and decrees

  • Affidavits

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Conference Interpreting Services
Simultaneous & consecutive

Simultaneous interpreters for meetings and conferences including translation equipment -- booths, consoles, transmitters and wireless receivers.

Business across language barriers
document translation & cultural workshops

Removing language barriers for businesses reaching across linguistic communities and national borders. Reliable business translation of manuals, documents, contracts, and communications.

Health Industry & Medical Research 
Forward and back translations

Translation of documents including medical reports, informed consent, hospital discharge instructions, medical devices and health care information.

Translations.Boston, Inc. serves a wide range of industries providing professional translation services and other technical support related to language and communication.

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Tel:  857-348-6067

361 Newbury Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02115
(Visits by appointment ONLY)


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